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About Me

Carley Mae Yule

Hello, I am from a small town in Wyoming and I am an editor at the Worland High School Yearbook. Because I participate in yearbook, I get to look back on high school events and reminisce those  memories that ultimately shaped who I am today. Growing up, I was always involved in athletics and just loved being outdoors. I was also able to get involved in different community service based clubs that have inspired my future goals and aspirations. Being from Wyoming, nature and the mountains is my home. Going camping in the mountains with my family, especially my grandparents, was definitely one of my fondest memories. My roots in Wyoming have definitely influenced my love for capturing God's creation of the natural parts of of the world. Overall, photography is a way to capture pure moments in life and cherish those memories forever.

Having the opportunity to take a journalism class has benefited  my writing abilities. I love when my pictures tell a story within themselves; however, it's good to tell the story with all of it's details through journalism. Journalism is a skill that I am able to apply to all other subjects in school. Yearbook class teaches you to also have good time management since you are constantly having to meet deadlines. Overall, journalism is a great skill to have for future endeavors.

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